Company information

"Zvejnieku saimnieciba IRBE" Ltd

Was established in year 1998, and have been fishing in the Gulf of Riga since the beginning. Currently, we have our own 7 fishing boats, based in Roja harbour that are catching fish for our own production factory. IRBE has the biggest fishing quota for the waters in the Gulf of Riga and offers fish in market during whole year around. In the year 2005 our new production plant for grading and chilling of fish was installed.

In the year 2007. additionally to the existing plant Blast freezing equipment with freezing capacity of 80 mt in 24 hrs and Cold stores -20 C with capacity of approx. (depending of packing) 1000 mt were added. Newly installed fish cutting & filleting machines were also installed. In the year 2015. new Cold storage “block” was added, with capacity for another 500 mt. Fresh caught fish from our fishing Boats is delivered directly to the plant, where it is graded and chilled, or graded, Headed & filleted and after being chilled and Frozen. Six Ice Generators make ice for our needs to keep fish fresh and keeps it in the best quality. For handling of fish we use big volume Izotermic pallet containers, where a small amount of sea water is added to the ice, this avoids any squashing of the mild fish, while being transported from Boat to the Plant. We have also installed a container washing machine to keep standards to the highest level.

In 2017 investment was made in a new Production Factory for producing Salted, Marinated, Smoked Seafood to the highest standard. We also installed our own Waste Water treatment plant to help for the increase of our production and not being dependent on outsourcing services. With the New Factory we can produce a range of different products and improve development. The fresh fish from our own boats is used to keep the traceability and high quality at all time. For us our big advantage is short time for the fish from Boat to Plant (approx. 200 mtrs). No long storage, messy handling needed. When there isn’t fresh fish available ‘’right from the Sea ‘’, we use our own frozen fish.

Our products we export to – Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Germany, UK, Ukraine, Moldova, Israel, Canada, Romania, Poland, Ireland, Greece, Denmark, USA, , Cyprus, Australia, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain. Zvejnieku saimnieciba IRBE SIA continues to develop, modernize and expand production. Implementation of new technologies, new product creating and developing, production of steady high quality products is company development strategy. Our main aim is to produce highest quality products, to satisfy every Gourmets taste. We have full traceability from Boat to final packaging. Full Sustainability is controlled and our commitment is to the sustainability of the Seas, with this we are fully approved by Friends of the Sea (FOS).